IBDAA, an Arabic word that translates to “creativity”, is an online furniture platform based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. IBDAA is co-founded by two interior designers: Marwa Al Shamry and Christelle Bitar. The pair shared their passion for creating concept design furniture that is inspired by the different cultures around the world. 

Shortly after graduating from the American University in Dubai, the duo  started exploring the heritage and traditions of the United Arab Emirates. This lead them to discover that there is much more to this country than meets the eye. Beyond the concrete jungle façade, there is a fascinating culture filled with traditions that are strongly being supported and revived. 

As a brand, IBDAA is enthusiastic to be a part of the Arab world as a whole with the vision of creating furniture items that are functional and also hold a significant relevance as an entity in a space. With each creation, IBDAA aims to maintain a balance of fusion between different cultures and contemporary design.